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List of Speakers

Date: 6 - 8 May 2016
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Plenary Topics 2016

 8th Diabetes Complications Conference & Grand Rounds

1. Hypoglycaemia in Diabetes: Morbidity, Prevention and Care
2. Guidelines for the Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers in General Practice
3. Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Target for Treatment in Diabetes
4. Current and Future Treatment Targets of Diabetic Complications
5. Cardiac Complications of Diabetes in Malaysia
6. Early and Aggressive Treatment of CVD Risk Factors in T2DM
7. Modern Dressing and Wound Management
1.   Diabetic Neuropathy
1.1 Diabetic Neuropathic Arthropathy
1.2 Exercise and Physical Therapy for Neuropathic Patients
1.3 Advances in Management of (Diabetic) Neuropathy
2.   Recent Advances
2.1 Assessment of Diabetic Eye Diseases: Imaging and Biomarkers
2.2 Stem Cells for Complications of Diabetes
2.3 Surgical Debridement for Diabetic Foot Ulcers
3.   Addressing Risk Factors To Macrovascular Complications
3.1 BP Control: Drug Choice and Consensus BP Levels
3.2 Impaired Platelet Function in Diabetics: Is Aspirin Necessary?
3.3 Inflammation: Enough Evidence to Treat?
4.   Alternative Therapy For Diabetic Ulcers: Local Experience
4.1 Maggot Therapy
4.2 Hyperbaric Oxygen
4.3 Natural Honey Therapy
5.   Heart Failure In Diabetics
5.1 Diabetes with Heart Failure: Common, Under-diagnosed
5.2 Diastolic or Systolic Dysfunction: Does It Matter in Management?
5.3 Diabetics with Heart Failure: Choice of Drugs
6.   Oral Cavity and Gut Manifestations of Diabetes
6.1 Periodontitis: Clinical Significance for Diabetics
6.2 Diabetic Diarrhoea: Pathophysiology and Treatment
6.3 Gut Hormone Changes in Type 2 Diabetes: Implications for Treatment
7.   Ischaemic Heart Disease in People with Diabetes
7.1 When and How to Assess IHD in Diabetics
7.2 Medical Therapy or Surgery? Factors to Consider
7.3 Practical Strategies in Minimising CV Complications
8.   The Ischaemic Legs
8.1 Modern Diagnosis of the Ischaemic Foot
8.2 Preventing PVD in People with Diabetes
8.3 Vascular Interventions of Peripheral Vascular Disease
9.   Kidney Diseases in Diabetics
9.1 Glycaemic Control in Stage 3-4 CKD: Choice of Drugs and Targets
9.2 Protecting the Kidneys in Diabetics: Lessons from Randomised Controlled Trials
9.3 Should Albuminuria Be Treated?
10.   Diabetes and The Brain
10.1 Brain Changes in People with Diabetes: Clinical Implications
10.2 Anxiety and Depression: Complications of Diabetes?
10.3 Alzheimer’s Disease: A Type 3 Diabetes?
11.   Complementary and Alternative Therapies
11.1 Acupuncture for Diabetic Neuropathic Pain
11.2 Yoga and Biofeedback Therapy
11.3 Diet and Nutrition in CKD Patients
12.   Metabolic Syndrome
12.1 MS: Prevalence and Patterns in Malaysia
12.2 Diagnosis of MS: Which Criteria to Use for Asians?
12.3 The Clinical Significance of Metabolic Syndrome
13.   Infections in Diabetics
13.1 Tuberculosis and Diabetes: An Unholy Alliance
13.2 Meliodosis: The Need for Effective Diagnosis and Treatment
13.3 Infections and Other Skin Changes in Diabetics
1. Wound Care and Dressing for GPs
2. Assessment and Self-Care of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
1. Contrast-Induced AKI in a 65-year Old Patient With Long-Standing Diabetes
2. 12-year Old Type 1 With Frequent Hypos And Hypers (Paediatric Emergency Case)
3. A 42-year Old Obese, Hypertensive, Dyslipidaemia Type 2 Diabetic With Asymptomatic Ischaemia Heart Disease (Changes On Routine ECG)
4. A Type 2 Person With Poorly-Controlled Diabetes (Occult Infection)

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